Served daily 11:30am to 4pm only

Served with your choice of one side: Skin on fries, Maryland boardwalk fries (fries with Old Bay™), house salad, Boston baked beans or our famous creamy celery seed slaw OR substitute onion strings, sweet fries, or a cup of “The Chowder” $1.00 or lobster bisque $2.00

Fish, shrimp and chicken may be pan seared, blackened or fried

Lobster roll mayo - # 1 lobster roll in Palm Beach County 2014, 15 & 16 22

Lobster roll - Hot Maine lobster sautéed in butter & sherry 22

Ipswich clam roll - Tender sweet belly clams fried to perfection 22

Clam strip roll - Wicked good, meaty, deep water fried clam strips 14

Oyster roll- Plump & juicy fried Cape oysters 18

Crab salad roll – Lump crab meat, mayo and nothing else 15

Tuna salad roll - Chunk white Albacore, celery and mayo 10

Dill chicken salad roll - Chunks of white breast meat, mayo and fresh dill 10

Hot dog - foot long Hebrew National™ all beef dog 7

Fish “Witch” - Haddock on a roll, topped with lettuce, tomato and Bacon 15

Haddock Sliders (2) mini version, cooked your way topped w/ slaw 12

Murry’s Chicken breast on a roll with lettuce, tomato and bacon 10

Prime Rib roast beef au jus Sunday and Tuesday only when available 12 Tender roast beef soaked in au jus served on a Kaiser roll with a side of au jus

Lil Fishy served all day to kids under 12 with ID lol

“Award Winning” New England Clam Chowder cup 5

Below served with 1 side: fries, sweet potato fries, slaw, baked beans and milk or soda

Hot dog 6 / Fresh Linguini Pasta & Butter 7 / Chicken Tenders 7 / Homemade Fish Sticks 7 / Fried Shrimp 8 / Mac & Cheese 7 


Onion Strings 7

Hand cut, soaked in buttermilk, then lightly dredged

Real Ipswich Fried Clams 21

Oh yea! belly clams so fresh you can smell the ocean. Hand breaded and fried just right

Fried Clam Strips 12 - Do you remember Howard Johnson’s


Stuffy’s two 6

Jumbo Baked stuffed clams Rhode Island style a little spicy.

Rhode Island Clam Cakes (fritters) 4 for 6 / 8 for 10

Tender chopped clams in a light fritter batter deep fried

Steamed Clams 1/2 lb 8 / 1 lb 15

A.K.A “P” clams or belly clams. Sweet clams served with drawn butter and clam broth 

Fried Oysters 16

Plump, juicy and fried just right  

Carnival Shrimp NEW 8

From the show Carnival Eats. Fried shrimp with sweet and spicy sriracha sauce 

Miguel’s Jumbo Seared Scallops 12


Crab Cocktail 17

Jumbo chunks of crab served with our awesome mustard sauce. 

Fried lobster w/drawn butter Sm 13 / Lg 25


Sesame Encrusted Ahi Tuna seared to a yummy rare NEW 12

Dinner Platters

Served with 2 side Add 1/2 lb steamers 7

Ipswich Fried Clams (bellies) 26 / Fried Clam Strips (no bellies) 17

Fried Oysters 26 / Fried Lobster drawn butter 32

Shrimp drawn butter 18 / Cod (fried only please) 17

Miguel’s Seared Scallops or fried scallops 20

Sesame encrusted Ahi Tuna 20 / Fried (belly) clams & fried Oysters 28

Murry’s Organic Chicken breast 16

Coolies Combo platter

Pick any (2) 22 Haddock, scallops, shrimp and fried clam strips.

fried oysters or Ipswich fried clams instead of clam strips ADD 5 each.

Nadine’s Platter

3 stuffys and 4 jumbo fried shrimp with melted butter 20

Captains Platter

Haddock, scallops, shrimp, onion strings & clam strips. 30 Add fried clams or oyster instaed of clam strips ADD 5 each.

Crab Cake Platter 26

Our now famous Maryland style cakes made with jumbo lump crab.

Live Maine Lobsters

Market Steamed and served with drawn butter. You may special order any size lobster up to 4 lbs (if available) with a 5 day notice.

Baked Stuffed Lobster

1 to 1.5 lb add 12 1.6 to 2 lb add 15 Crab & Ritz cracker stuffing baked to perfection.

Lazy Mans Lobster 32

Maine lobster out of the shell, sautéed with sherry, butter and cream then reduced.

Wicked Good Lobster Pie 32

A true New England favorite. Chunks of lobster, sherry & butter topped with our Ritz™cracker crumb stuffing mix then baked in casserole to golden brown.


Skin on fries, Maryland boardwalk fries (fries with Old Bay), Boston baked beans, creamy celery seed cole slaw or house salad. OR Premium sides: add $1.00 for onion strings, sweet fries or a cup of chowder. OR Add $2.00 for a cup of Maine lobster bisque or Caesar Salad.

Raw Bah 

Cherrystones on the 1/2 shell 6 - 12 / 12 - 22

Oysters on the half shell Blue points and Apalachicola 6 - 12 / 12 - 22

Special Oysters when available Malbec’s, Duxbury, Red River 3 each

Chowder & Bisque Cup 5 / Bowl 7

Maine lobster bisque - The traditional white creamy chowder.

Rhode Island clam chowder - clear Portuguese chowder chicken & clam broth.

Manhattan clam chowder - Veggies & tomato, beef & clam broth little spicy.

Bowl Bisque extra sautéed lobster meat 22. add a shot of cream sherry 1.

Ed’s Caesar Salad small 6 large 10

A recipe right from the famous Prince Grotto in Spaghetti Ville, Lowell MA.

Beantown House Salad small 5 / large 9

A wedge of iceberg with cherry tomatoes, bacon gorgonzola cheese with Ed’s Vermont maple balsamic vinaigrette. Topped with a Murry’s tender chicken breast.

Just the wedge 8

Add to your favorite salad:

Lobster Salad 20 / Murry’s Organic Chicken Breast 10

Blue Cheese Crumbles 1 / Bacon 2

Dressings: Vermont maple balsamic vinaigrette, ranch, house blue cheese, honey mustard, balsamic vinegar and olive oil & Caesar.


all Chowders 14 Lobster Bisque 15 / PINTS all Chowders 8 Lobster bisque 9 Add Lobster Meat to your bisque Pint 14 Quart 19


Yummy fresh linguini with a house salad & buttered toasted roll with choice of sauce: Scampi: Unsalted butter, olive oil, garlic, lemon & white wine or Alfredo: Rich & cheesy cream sauce. (Plain just sauce 12) add Lobster 30 / Scallops 22 / Shrimp 18 / Shrimp & Lobster 30 / Shrimp & Scallop 21 / Lobster & Scallop 32.

Dinner Rolls

Lobster Rolls for every taste 25

Maine style - cold a little Hellmann’s® mayo / New England - hot with butter & sherry / New York style - fried with drawn butter.

Ipswich Fried Clams (Belly’s) 24 / Fried Clam Strips Roll 17

Fried Oysters Roll 22 / Crab Salad Roll 17